Myra and Drew Goodman
Myra and Drew Goodman in the early days of Earthbound Farm (Photo courtesy of Earthbound Farm)



Gene Kahn of Cascadian Farm
Gene Kahn tending to his potatoes at Cascadian Farm, early 1970s

Samuel Kaymen and Gary HirshbergSamuel Kaymen and Gary Hirshberg in the early days of Stonyfield Farm

Pearl Street MarketHass Hassan and Mark Retzloff in front of their first Boulder store, Pearl Street Market

Mo Siegel
Mo Siegel picking herbs for Celestial Seasonings in the early 1970s
Sandy Gooch
Sandy Gooch (with produce manager Ben) in one of her first stores, circa 1977
Michael Funk
Michael Funk at Mountain People’s Warehouse
Fresh Fields Evanston
Fresh Fields store in Evanston, IL